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How I Became an Elephant Documentary Producers Jorja Fox and Tim Gorski Tap AHCG
Oct 1, 2011 --



A Documentary Produced by Jorja Fox and Juliette West

Directed by Tim Gorski

At just fifteen years old, Juliette West is on a mission to save elephants. After single-handedly raising funds Juliette embarks on a life-altering journey to South East Asia to meet and work with her hero Lek, "The Elephant Lady."

How I Became An Elephant is more than just a film – it’s the brainchild of Juliette West. It's one girl's story... which led to a movement, which led to a continuing plan, to save an entire species...

Juliette began learning about the plight of elephants in circuses and zoos and decided it was time to do something about the suffering. She knew she needed to discover a way to educate people on a massive scale. She wanted to illustrate the connection between elephant abuse in America and elephant abuse in Asia. But how? Juliette knew the two issues are connected in a big way but how to deliver that to Americans was her challenge.

When Juliette met animal advocates and filmmakers Tim Gorski and Jorja Fox, the seed was planted. They devised a plan to create a film for the youth of America with Juliette as the voice for the elephants.

The idea was born for the film and chronicles one girl's journey to inspire a movement that will change the world.

Watch the trailer here:

How I Became an Elephantis a film designed to educate, enlighten, inspire, ignite, and empower. It is fashioned in a way to reach out to audiences of all ages, to invoke discussion, and find solutions to the epic problems facing elephants today:

  • habitat destruction
  • dwindling
  • food sources, and
  • capture for entertainment and tourism

With the film How I Became an Elephant and the non-profit organization, Juliette hopes for people to gain a better understanding and appreciation for elephants, and their basic rights and needs as fellow earthlings.

By exposing the dark history and current suffering of elephants, Juliette intends to raise awareness, raise funds for the cause, invoke change, and inspire youth around the world to choose a cause that is dear to their heart and commit to doing something about it.

How I Became an Elephant - Documentary – HD – 97minutes – Directed by: Tim Gorski and Synthian Sharp – Produced by: Juliette West and Jorja Fox – Filmed on location in California and Thailand. Copyright 2010: Rattle the Cage Productions – Florida 501(c)3  


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